AHC & Gangways

Active Heave Compensation (AHC) systems enable safe and reliable offshore lifting operations. NORSUB MRUs are tailormade for AHC applications. The combination of high-end MEMS sensors and advanced heave and attitude algorithms provide accurate motion and acceleration measurements without any lag.

Our MRUs perform very well in irregular sea states, often a challenge for other MRUs. AHC operators will benefit from our MRU’s ability to reduce phase lag and correctly estimate the magnitude, a common problem in many MRUs. NORSUB MRUs can be mounted in any location and orientation. Lever arm compensation ensures precise motion measurements at the desired location, typically the crane tip.

Our technical team consists of PhDs with expertise in control systems engineering. This means that we can have in-depth discussions with our clients on AHC control systems, systems design and interfacing options.

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