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Active Heave Compensation

Accurate measurement of vertical motion at the crane tip or winch is crucial for the operation of Active Heave Compensated (AHC) cranes and winches.

Active Heave Compensation

The Marine MRU provides precise heave motion measurements at user-selected remote monitoring points, making it an ideal choice for AHC applications.

The Marine MRU stands out in AHC applications, particularly due to its exceptional performance and reliability in irregular waves. While some other motion reference units struggle to provide accurate heave measurements in such conditions, Norwegian Subsea MRUs are specifically designed to deliver the highest performance in real sea conditions. This ensures accurate and reliable heave motion data for effective AHC operations.

Integrating the MRU with your Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is seamless and convenient, thanks to the availability of industrial Ethernet communication protocols such as Modbus TCP and Ethernet/IP. This enables straightforward interfacing and facilitates smooth integration into your existing control systems.
illustration of our MRU Marine showing roll, pitch, yaw, surge, sway and heave
picture of our MRU Marine

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Norwegian Subsea produces industry-leading Motion Reference Units (MRUs) for subsea, marine, and land applications. Our MRUs are robust and affordable, and offer high-accuracy performance, along with a plug-and-play interface.Explore our products

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