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Subsea Surveys

Subsea surveys often demand precise tilt measurements (roll and pitch) for various purposes, such as installation tasks or continuous monitoring of tilt changes and deflections in subsea structures.

Subsea Surveys

The NORSUB Subsea MRU is a perfect fit for subsea survey applications due to its compact size and small footprint. Its versatility allows it to be easily mounted in various locations.

Additionally, the MRU offers the capability to internally log measurement data, which can be retrieved after recovery if real-time communication and cabling pose challenges in the specific application. This feature ensures data integrity and accessibility even in scenarios where immediate communication is difficult.
illustration of our MRU Marine showing roll, pitch, yaw, surge, sway and heave
picture of our MRU Subsea

Accurate and robust subsea motion measurements

The NORSUB MRU SUBSEA is an ideal choice for accurate and robust subsea motion measurements. With a depth rating of up to 6000 meters, this compact and small-sized motion sensor offers versatility in installation.Read more about the MRU Subsea

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