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MRU Subsea

The NORSUB MRU SUBSEA is an ideal choice for accurate and robust subsea motion measurements. With a depth rating of up to 6000 meters, this compact and small-sized motion sensor offers versatility in installation.

MRU Subsea

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Roll and pitch dynamic accuracy of 0.05° Heave accuracy: 5 cm / 5 %

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The 6000 series improves it further to 0.02°

MRU 9000 badge

The 9000 series achieves exceptional precision with 0.01°

Product overview

The MRU Subsea can be easily placed in various locations due to its small size and footprint. Communication options include ethernet, RS-232, and RS-485/422, while power and communication are facilitated through the Subconn connector.

For enhanced functionality, the Subsea MRU can be equipped with a high-end magnetometer, ensuring precise magnetic heading measurements.

To cater to different accuracy requirements and budgets, the Subsea MRU is available in three versions: 3000, 6000, and 9000 models.

Additionally, the Subsea MRU is offered in an inclinometer version that focuses on continuous monitoring of the roll/pitch angle of subsea templates at a lower cost. This eliminates the need for expensive subsea rentals during installation.
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High Accuracy

High accuracy roll, pitch and heave, even in irregular sea states.
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Compact Size

Low weight and small footprint make installation and handling easy.
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Depth rated to 6000 M

Depth rating at 6000 m enables motion measurements in ultra deep waters.
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Our custom software solution

Experience enhanced efficiency and performance with MRU Insight. Analyze, visualize, and integrate your motion data effortlessly, gaining valuable insights. From real-time monitoring to comprehensive reporting, MRU Insights revolutionizes MRU data utilization for informed decision-making, enhanced safety, and improved performance. Elevate your marine operations with MRU Insights and unlock the full potential of your MRU investment.
MRU Subsea Specification
Roll & Pitch0.05° (3000 series) - 0.02° (6000 series) - 0.01° (9000 series) - RMS (dynamic)
Heave (real time)5.0 cm or 5.0 % - Whichever is greater for 0 to 25 s periods, valid for irregular motions in real sea conditions.
PortsEthernet, RS-232, RS-485 (422)
CommunicationTCP, UDP, Modbus TCP, ethernet/IP, Serial, Modbus RTU
ProtocolsNMEA, ASCII, Binary TSS1, MDL, Atlas, Simrad EM 3000, NORSUB, Custom, etc.
Output frequency0-100 Hz
ConnectorSubConn 8 pins
Depth rating6000 m
Dimensions76 x 76 x 165 mm
Weight1.6 kg
Casing materialTitanium

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