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An MRU, or Motion Reference Unit, is a device used to measure and record the movements of a vessel or object in all six degrees of freedom: roll, pitch, yaw, surge, sway, and heave.

MRUs are key components in control and monitoring of helidecks, offshore gangways, cranes, winches, sonars, ships, buoys, and many other applications.
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Use cases for our MRU solutions

Our MRUs are versatile and well-suited for a wide range of applications and usage scenarios.
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Motion Monitoring

Safe landing of helicopters, ship and cargo stability, monitoring of ships, risers, or wind turbines. Motion measurements can be used in real-time to monitor safe operating conditions, as an input to a digital twin model or as an input to AI algorithms. In all these circumstances Reliable and Accurate motion data is paramount.
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Motion Control

By actively compensating for heave motion, marine MRUs enable improved stability, control, and operational efficiency for offshore operations such as crane operations, subsea installations, and other tasks that require precise positioning and motion control in challenging sea conditions.
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Instrument Compensation

By accounting for factors such as sensor misalignments, offsets, and drift, instrument compensation enhances the precision of marine MRUs in capturing and analyzing vessel motions, enabling more accurate data for a range of marine applications including navigation, research, and structural monitoring.
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Norwegian Subsea produces industry-leading Motion Reference Units (MRUs) for subsea, marine, and land applications. Our MRUs are robust and affordable, and offer high-accuracy performance, along with a plug-and-play interface.Explore our products

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Norwegian Subsea MRUs can be used in a variety of offshore wind, subsea, marine and land applications.Discover applications
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