What makes our MRU so special

Discover the Unique Advantages of Our MRU That Sets It Apart in the Industry.

How it works

An MRU, or Motion Reference Unit, is a device used to measure and record the movements of a vessel or object in all six degrees of freedom: Roll, Pitch, Yaw and Heave, Surge and Sway.

MRUs are key components in control and monitoring of helidecks, offshore gangways, cranes, winches, sonars, ships, buoys, and many other applications.
Icons of ships with illustrations of Roll, Pitch, Yaw and Heave, Surge and Sway
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Tested in real sea conditions

Many suppliers tend to present test data solely for simple regular motions observed in laboratory conditions. Unfortunately, vessels experience irregular and coupled motions at sea. While most sensors perform well in sine wave motion, only a select few excel in irregular sea conditions. Our MRUs stand out as they consistently deliver exceptional performance across all conditions.

Easy to use

In addition to industry standard protocols, you can set up customizable protocols, using our config tool and easily install the MRU yourself. If you need a reliable MRU for real sea conditions, choose Norwegian Subsea and your next MRU will be accurate, low cost and easy to use.
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Cost-effective excellence

At our company, we are committed to delivering top-of-the-line Motion Reference Units (MRUs) that combine exceptional quality with cost-effectiveness. Our unwavering focus on optimizing value enables us to cut upfront expenses and reduce maintenance costs, ensuring maximum savings for your operations.

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