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Wind Turbines

Accurate and precise motion monitoring is crucial for wind turbine towers to ensure structural integrity and optimize performance.

Wind Turbines

The measurement of roll and pitch during oscillatory horizontal accelerations provides valuable information about the tower's deflection and modes of deflection.

By measuring roll and pitch at both the nacelle location and the center of the tower, engineers can assess the tower's structural behavior and utilize the data alongside load cells for monitoring purposes. These measurements can also serve as inputs for creating a digital twin of the wind turbine tower structure, enabling advanced analysis and predictive maintenance.

In the case of floating offshore wind turbines, it is essential to measure the roll and pitch motion induced by waves. This motion affects the apparent wind speed at the nacelle, necessitating real-time adjustments to optimize the pitch of the blades. By accurately measuring these motions, the NORSUB MRU provides valuable data for the generator control system to enhance the turbine's performance and maximize energy production in dynamic offshore environments.

The NORSUB MRU is particularly well-suited for these applications due to its exceptional accuracy in measuring roll and pitch during horizontal accelerations. The sensor fusion algorithms of the MRU account for the specific motion constraints of wind turbine towers, resulting in precise and reliable measurements. By utilizing the NORSUB MRU, wind turbine operators and engineers can obtain accurate motion data to ensure the structural integrity of the tower, optimize performance, and enhance the overall efficiency of wind energy generation.
illustration of our MRU Marine showing roll, pitch, yaw, surge, sway and heave
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Designed for easy installation

The NORSUB eMRU is a compact unit with easy installation process, supporting various communication protocols and featuring a dust and splash-proof design.Read more about the eMRU

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