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Accurate measurements of roll, pitch, and heave are crucial for achieving optimal results when compensating multibeam sonars for vessel motion.


Even minor inaccuracies in roll and pitch can introduce artificial "waves" on the resulting seafloor map, highlighting the importance of high-performance motion sensing in hydrographic applications.

When a multibeam sonar and motion sensor are mounted on a moving vessel, they experience horizontal accelerations, particularly during turns. These accelerations can potentially impact the accuracy of roll and pitch measurements, thereby affecting the precision of the seafloor map. To mitigate these errors, the motion sensor can be supplemented with GNSS velocity and position measurements, minimizing the impact of horizontal accelerations.

The NORSUB Marine MRUs are exceptionally well-suited for hydrographic applications due to their high-accuracy roll and pitch measurements, specifically during periods of horizontal accelerations. This, combined with the reliable and precise heave measurements obtained in irregular seas, makes the NORSUB Marine MRUs an ideal choice for motion compensation of multibeam sonars and echosounders. By ensuring accurate motion measurements, the NORSUB Marine MRUs contribute to the production of high-quality seafloor maps in hydrographic surveys.
illustration of our MRU Marine showing roll, pitch, yaw, surge, sway and heave
picture of our MRU Marine

Designed specifically for marine applications

The NORSUB MRU Marine is a robust and waterproof motion reference unit designed specifically for marine applications, with flexible communication options and the option to include a magnetometer.Read more about the MRU Marine

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