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Floating Wind Base Motion Monitoring

Monitoring the movements and structural integrity of floating wind foundations, including both the base and turbine, along with the anchoring system, is crucial.

Floating Wind Base Motion Monitoring

Detecting movements beyond the normal operational range allows for timely action, such as reducing turbine speed, to ensure it remains within the safe operational envelope.

To fulfill these requirements, Norwegian Subsea offers essential components such as accurate new generation Accelerometers, Motion Reference Units (MRUs), and inclinometers.

In the case of Tension Leg Platforms (TLPs), maintaining the integrity of the TLP tendons is of utmost importance. By utilizing accelerometers, potential failures in the TLP tendons can be detected, enabling swift shutdown of the wind turbine to prevent further damage.
illustration of our MRU Marine showing roll, pitch, yaw, surge, sway and heave
A illustration of a dark MRU

Designed specifically for marine applications

The NORSUB MRU Marine is a robust and waterproof motion reference unit designed specifically for marine applications, with flexible communication options and the option to include a magnetometer.
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