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Dynamic Positioning

Dynamic positioning (DP) of vessels necessitates roll and pitch compensation of the GNSS antenna to ensure accurate positioning of the ship's control point.

Dynamic Positioning

The NORSUB MRU serves as a vertical reference unit (VRU) in this application, providing reliable and precise roll and pitch measurements to the DP system.

To facilitate seamless integration, the NORSUB MRU can be configured with industry-standard protocols, enabling easy interfacing with existing DP systems or serving as a replacement for other VRUs.

The Marine MRU offers flexibility in mounting, as it can be installed in any direction. The configuration software allows for convenient setup of the remote monitoring point, specifically the GNSS antenna location.

To accommodate various installation requirements, the NORSUB MRU can be supplied with either an industrial junction box or a pigtail cable for integration into existing systems. This ensures compatibility and ease of implementation in different vessel setups.
illustration of our MRU Marine showing roll, pitch, yaw, surge, sway and heave
picture of our MRU Marine

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