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Accurate and high-resolution motion sensors are essential for the structural monitoring of tall buildings.


These sensors play a crucial role in providing precise measurements of small deflections caused by various factors such as wind gusts, environmental forces, or other external influences.

When it comes to monitoring deflections in buildings, the NORSUB MRUs are a top choice. Their exceptional accuracy, offering up to 0.01 degrees in roll and pitch measurements, makes them well-suited for the task. The NORSUB MRUs provide reliable and precise data, ensuring accurate monitoring of even the slightest deflections in tall buildings.

In addition to their accuracy, the NORSUB MRUs feature onboard real-time FFT analysis, which proves invaluable for vibration monitoring. This advanced capability allows for the detection and analysis of structural vibrations, aiding in the identification of potential issues and ensuring the structural integrity of the monitored buildings

By employing NORSUB MRUs, structural engineers and monitoring systems can rely on accurate and high-resolution motion sensors to assess and track deflections in tall buildings. This approach enables proactive maintenance and ensures the long-term structural integrity of these significant architectural structures.
illustration of our MRU Marine showing roll, pitch, yaw, surge, sway and heave
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Designed for easy installation

The NORSUB eMRU is a compact unit with easy installation process, supporting various communication protocols and featuring a dust and splash-proof design.
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