ShoreConnection's Partnership with Norwegian Subsea for Helideck Monitoring

ShoreConnection, a leading provider of helideck monitoring systems, has joined forces with Norwegian Subsea to enhance their offering. They have integrated Norwegian Subsea's state-of-the-art Marine Motion Reference Units (MRUs) into their Helideck Monitoring System, positioning it as a key component of the system.

image from a aerial view of an shit with an helideck
In search of an MRU that meets stringent requirements for the harsh offshore marine environment, affordability, ease of installation, and high accuracy, ShoreConnection turned to Norwegian Subsea. They needed an MRU that would maintain roll and pitch accuracy without recalibration throughout its lifetime and offer long-lasting performance.The chosen MRU had to be IP68 rated and easily mountable. It also had to withstand temperature extremes ranging from minus 40 degrees to plus 80 degrees Celsius. Additionally, ShoreConnection sought an MRU with a conservative sensor lifetime of 100,000 hours or approximately 12 years, ensuring long-term value for their customers.To comply with CAP 437 regulation 9c, which mandates the placement of the MRU on the helideck support structure within a hemisphere under the helideck, Norwegian Subsea's MRU 3000 Marine proved to be the perfect fit. Its unique design facilitated simple installation on the helideck support structure without the need for cabinets or heaters.With the MRU 3000 Marine, ShoreConnection's customers save valuable time and money. The software configuration of the MRU allows for flexible mounting options on the helideck support structure, eliminating the need for additional mechanical work or brackets. This adaptability, coupled with easy installation, positions the MRU 3000 Marine as the ideal choice for helideck monitoring applications.Maintaining accuracy within the standard HMS 9c accuracy requirements over its lifetime without recalibration, the MRU 3000 Marine guarantees exceptional performance. Under normal operating conditions, its roll and pitch accuracy won't exceed 0.1, while the specified heave accuracy of 5cm 5% is upheld throughout the MRU's lifespan.With an estimated lifetime of 100,000 hours or approximately 12 years, the MRU 3000 surpasses industry standards. While other MRUs require periodic recalibration, the cutting-edge MEMS technology and advanced sensor fusion algorithms within the MRU 3000 eliminate the need for frequent calibrations.ShoreConnection recently installed an MRU 3000 on a supertanker, aligning with the new CAP 437 9c regulations. The MRU 3000 Marine was flawlessly mounted under the helideck's center, following a custom-designed ATEX / EX housing. Notably, the MRU 3000 exhibited exceptional performance, even with cable lengths exceeding 250 meters.With the integration of Norwegian Subsea's MRU technology, ShoreConnection strengthens its helideck monitoring system, providing reliable and accurate data to ensure the safety and operational efficiency of helideck operations in challenging marine environments.
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