Automatic motion control of gangways requires reliable measurements of all 6 degrees of freedom. The Marine MRU can be used to measure roll, pitch, and yaw in addition to surge, sway, and heave at the end of the gangway.

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As for AHC, it is very important with good measurements of heave motions in real sea conditions. But surge and sway motions must also be measured reliably. The Marine MRU has a special mode for gangway and other DP applications where the wave frequency motion of surge and sway must be measured accurately. This mode assures the highest performance for gangway control. 

Both positions, velocities, and accelerations for all 6 degrees of freedom are available at desired remote monitoring points such as the tip of the gangway. These data can be accessed in NMEA or binary format using the custom protocol generator or reading the Modbus TCP or Ethernet/IP registers.   

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