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Yes, all MRUs measure surge and sway. But note that as for heave, the measurements are about a zero mean average position. This means that for a ship that moved forward, it’s only the high frequency part of the surge motion that is measured by the MRU.

The junction box is recommended if you want to access the ethernet or serial ports using standard cables with RJ45 and DB-9 connectors. But you can also use a pigtail cable and terminate the wire leads you need at your end.

Yes, the MRU outputs accelerations. You can configure the MRU to output acceleration data in the MRU, Vessel or NED frame. Both raw and lowpass filtered accelerations are available.   

Yes, the MRU can output heave measurements, including position, velocity and acceleration at up to 2 remote monitoring points. The location of the remote monitoring points can be configured graphically in the configuration software.

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