ORSENS 5000 Orientation Sensor

Key features

ORSENS 5000 is a high-end MEMS based orientation sensor. It comes pre-calibrated with onboard sensor fusion algorithms. Applications include platform stabilization, motion control systems, unmanned control and robotics. ORSENS 5000 is ITAR-free. The OEM version is compact and light-weight and ideal for integration into 3rd party systems.


Outputs: xyz accelerations, roll, pitch, turn rates, IMU data
Roll & Pitch: +/- 0.02˚
Gyro Bias Instability: 2.2°/hr
Internal Storage: 32 GB
Weight: 180 g
Size (L x B x H): 76.2 x 50.8 x 38.0 mm

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ORSENS includes high-end MEMS 3-axis gyroscopes and MEMS 3-axis accelerometers.

Easy Interfacing

ORSENS comes pre-calibrated with onboard sensor fusion algorithms. A wide range of industry standard and custom protocols are included.

Ideal for motion control and stabilization

ORSENS is ideal for motion control, stabilization and motion monitoring due to its high accuracy, compact size and advanced sensor fusion algorithms.