MRU 6000 OEM

Key features

The MRU 6000 OEM is a high precision MRU at an affordable price. It is ideal for integration directly into third party systems or size constrained environments. The OEM MRU features small size, low weight and easy interfacing. Communication is via Ethernet or serial port. MRU 6000 OEM is used in a wide range of applications including sonar systems, wave radars and inspection tools.


Outputs: Roll, pitch & yaw angles Surge, sway & heave positions & velocities x, y, z and North, East, Down accelerations
Roll & Pitch: +/- 0.02˚
Heave (Real-time): 5.0 cm or 5.0 %
Output Frequency: 0 - 100 Hz
Weight: 0.2 kg
Ports: Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485 (422), 2 x Sync
Protocols: NMEA, ASCII, Binary, TSS, MDL, ATLAS ++. Wide range of protocols included, please see separate list.

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Integrates into 3rd party systems

Integrates easily into sonars, wave buoys, survey equipment etc. Low noise, low bias instability. Short delivery times.

Small size, low weight

Ideal for size-constrained environments.

Quick and easy setup

Wide range of protocols, communication via Ethernet or serial ports. Easy-to-use software interface for setup and data processing.