Norwegian Subsea welcomes Chris Ruigrok as Sales Manager

Norwegian Subsea is on a successful journey towards our vision of delivering high-performance inertial navigation systems based on a new generation low cost, low power MEMS technology, and our sensor fusion expertise.

For several years now we have been delivering our high-performance range of Motion Reference Units (MRU), motion sensors and AHRS for a wide range of applications within subsea and marine use. Our sensors reach the highest accuracy available on the market at a significantly lower price range and with low power requirements.

With a fast-growing customer base on all continents for challenging subsea and marine applications we need reinforcements to help our customers.

We are therefore pleased to announce that Chris Ruigrok has joined our team as our sales manager. Chris has a long commercial background from technology companies within the oil and gas, marine and subsea sector. Working with industrialization and commercialization of new technology. With Chris on our team, we will be able to serve our customers even better and make sure you get the best possible solution for determining the motions of your subsea or marine equipment.

We are very interested to hear what your requirements are for determining the motions of your subsea or marine vessels and equipment and see how we can help you.