We’re headed to @WindEnergy Hamburg from 27-30 September.

Come and meet us at the Norway Pavilion at Hamburg Messe – Hall B2.

The move to floating offshore wind installations requires accurate motion measurements for a wide range of applications. Norwegian Subsea technology is a key enabler for these applications. Some examples of these applications:

•         Wind lidars on top of floating wind turbines need an accurate motion sensor (MRU) to compensate for heave, pitch and yaw.

•         Floating wind turbines with active blade pitch control need 6DOF motion sensors as an input to the control algorithms.

•         Floating wind installations need 6DOF motion sensors (MRU) to monitor the turbine and mast movements.

•         Floating wind foundations require monitoring of movements and structural integrity.

For these applications, Norwegian Subsea’ accurate new generation Accelerometers, Motion Reference Units and inclinometers are essential.

Our team, consisting of Fredrik Dukan, Håkon Baste and Chris Ruigrok, are ready to meet you in Hamburg. We are looking forward to meet you!

For a demo, if you want to book an appointment or simply get in touch, contact us at sales@norwegian-subsea.no

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