Ship motion monitoring (Wavefoil)


The NORSUB MRU 6000 Marine is installed onboard the passenger ferry M/F Teistin to monitor the effect of a wavefoil on ship motions. The wavefoil is a retractable bow foil that reduces vessel pitch motion and fuel consumption.

Motion data from the NORSUB MRU 6000 Marine is logged both when the wavefoil is deployed and retracted. Roll, pitch and heave from the MRU is logged together with vessel speed, wave height, wind velocity and fuel consumption. The data is then analyzed to determine the effect of the wavefoil on ship motions and fuel consumption. Test data from M/F Teistin shows that the wavefoil reduces pitch motion and lowers fuel consumption by 10 %.

  • Wavefoils are retractable bow foils.
  • NORSUB MRU 6000 Marine is used to measure the effect of wavefoils on ship motion.
  • Wavefoils reduce vessel pitch motion and fuel consumption by 10 %.

Wavefoil is made by the Norwegian company Wavefoil.  Check out for more information about their technology and products.

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