Ship monitoring

Ship motion monitoring is becoming more important for tasks such as trim and fuel optimization, route planning and structural integrity monitoring. Continuous monitoring and logging of vessel motions over several years can be a great tool for docking and maintenance scheduling.

It is also important to measure the ship motions to verify the effects of new ship hull designs and changes to appendices or other structural features. 

Ship motion heavily affects the passengers’ comfort onboard ferries and cruise ships. If the ship motions are measured, this information can be used plan the ship speed/heading, or give advice to passengers, to reduce cases of seasickness.                        

The NORSUB MRUs measure all 6 degrees of freedom reliably and accurately year after year and measurement data can also be logged internally and downloaded when needed. 

Statistical features such as significant amplitude and peak frequency over a moving window can be measured as well. E.g. the significant heave motion amplitude and peak period during the last hour can be selected as an output measurement.

The NORSUB MRUs are plug & play and can be delivered with a junction box or with regular ethernet (RJ45) contact directly on the NORSUB eMRU series. This reduces the costs of cables and installation.

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