Other Applications

DP Systems, Unmanned Vehicles, ROV Navigation

NORSUB motion sensors use advanced sensor fusion algorithms to provide accurate motion measurements. They combine high precision, low size and cost-effectiveness, making them suitable for unmanned vehicles, DP systems, research vessels and a range of other marine, subsea and land-based applications.

A NORSUB motion sensor with optional high-end magnetometer is a good choice for ROV auto heading and motion control purposes, and an excellent alternative to less accurate fluxgate compasses. Rapid ROV motions are handled without lag. The heading measurements are robust against magnetic disturbances due to the combination of high-end magnetometers, highly accurate MEMS gyros and advanced sensor fusion algorithms.

Application examples:

  • DP Systems
  • ROV Navigation
  • Unmanned Vehicles
  • Offshore Gangways
  • Wind Turbines
  • Seismic
  • Control Systems

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